Eggs with Mint & Lemon











3 Free Range Eggs
Juice of half a lemon
Rock Salt
Dried Mint - you can use Fresh too but I personally preferred dried in this recipe
Hemp Oil


On the surface this seems a really strange combination but I grew up eating this healthy protein packed start to the day - try it, you won't regret it and let me know what you think?

Pour a teaspoon of Hemp Oil into a frying pan. Don't put it onto the heat this point because the trick here is to get the Lemon juice to enthuse into the Egg Whites before they set. Now crack the eggs into the pan.

Add the Lemon juice to eggs, focusing particularly on covering the whites well.

Add the salt, pepper and mint and fry over a low heat.

Don't turn the eggs! If you find the bottom is cooking too quickly then finish them off under the grill.

So simple but so tasty.

What's good about this meal

- The eggs are a great hunger quenching source of protein that won't cause your insulin levels to spike like sweet cereals leaving you hungry again very soon after

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